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Synopsis : There is a lot of mystery in the history of man - while mainstream historians say that civilization developed only in the last five to six thousand years, which is what is taught in schools, there is humungous amount of evidence that man's story is much older than this date. There are any number of accounts about lost history of Atlantis, Lemuria, Mayans, Indians, and others. These accounts, however, stop there. They only provide small chunks of lost history; they do not provide the holistic historic picture. This book constitutes the first ever attempt to provide an alternate timeline for various civilizations across the world for the last nineteen thousand years, pushing back the timeline of man by three times.
In a first of its kind attempt, this book constructs human history from scriptures of Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, and other religions and cultures. Conclusions drawn are connected to archaeological findings, linguistics, worldwide conflagrations, beliefs, cultural practices, festival celebrations, local legends, etc. In a complete rewrite of current history books, the book meticulously constructs a detailed history of civilized man, 19000 years in the making. The book, written in an easy to read prose for any educated person, not just shows the precise way in which these religions were born, but also answers most of their unresolved theological questions.

Based on evidence compiled after two decades of painstaking research, Prithviraj gives a completely new dimension and a fascinating understanding of World History. The book dates Egyptian and Indian civilizations to 17,000 years ago, dates Sri Lankan civilization to 16,000 years ago, and Persian and Mesopotamian civilizations to 15,000 years ago. It talks about the catastrophic disturbances on earth's surface 11,500 years ago, which led to the birth of new religions. It talks about ancient wars that took place between India, Persia, and Mesopotamia. It talks about ancient world politics between Egypt and Sri Lanka. It talks about the massive migrations that took place all over the world 4000 years ago. The book takes the reader on a fascinating journey into the unexplored domains of Ancient World History.

Note de l'auteur: The Mystery of Christianity

The concept of Christian Trinity has been extremely difficult to comprehend ? how anything can be one and three at the same time has been as mysterious as it can be. The Encyclopedia Americana notes that the doctrine of the Trinity is considered to be "beyond the grasp of human reason." Unable to explain what this trinity is all about, other scholars tend to often portray this trinity to be an outgrowth of pagan practices, where God is worshipped in unreasonable and fancy denominations.

With this book, Christianity need no longer wonder what its central concept is all about. The concept is simple and straightforward.

In Human conception, conception takes place when sperm enters the egg ? Male contributes to the sperm while female contributes to the egg. Similarly, if we take the human body, the lifeless inanimate human body comes alive when the animate human soul enters into it. Likening it to the concept of the human conception, Indian seers have defined the animate soul to be the male component of the body, and the inanimate body to be the female component. At the cosmic level, the supreme soul of this universe has been called Purusha, meaning Man (Cosmic Man) ? the one who contributes to the male component (soul) of all living entities. Similarly, this physical universe that we see has been called the Prakriti, meaning Woman (Cosmic Woman) ? the one who contributes to the female component (body) of all living entities. Indian seers have defined this creation to be the interaction between Purusha and Prakriti.

At the beginning of time, there was only Purusha, the Man, the Supreme God. As desire to create started, there emerged the Prakriti out of him and thus came into existence ? this physical universe. After creating the universe, Purusha also desired to create living entities. In order to do so, he brought out a massive life pervading spirit called Nara out of himself. This Nara is the soul of all living entities. All living entities originated from this Nara and got thrown onto different planets and that is how life came into existence on Earth and other planets. After giving birth to all living entities, Nara is still manifest in this universe as the life pervading spirit. After Ejecting Prakriti and Nara out of himself, what remained of the divine soul Purusha has been called as Narayana by the Indian seers. Nara also means man, Ayana means to emerge from or to take birth from. So Narayana means Son of Man because he is someone who emerged from or taken birth from Purusha at the end of creation. Since Man is God in this theology, Narayana also means Son of God. This is the reason why the terms Son of Man and Son of God are used interchangeably in scriptures. After the creation is complete, there are four entities that are now present.

1)    Prakriti or the physical universe
2)    Narayana ? Divine Soul, Son of Man, Son of God
3)    Nara ? Holy pervading soul of all living entities
4)    All living souls and entities

The actual God of this creation is the Purusha, the Man. However, he is always manifest in this universe as Narayana (Son of Man, Son of God) and Nara (Holy pervading Spirit). That is how God can be one and three at the same time. The concept is completely generic in nature ? it does not bring in the idiosyncrasies of any one particular religion.

Indians are not in the habit of treating Purusha and Narayana differently ? they do not keep one idol each for Purusha and Narayana at the time of worship ? Purusha and Narayana are considered to be one and the same. However, five thousand years ago, because of certain peculiar historical circumstances, they came into this practice of keeping three separate idols ? one each for Purusha (Man,God), Narayana (Son of Man, Son of God), and Nara (holy pervading spirit). They worshipped all the three idols simultaneously. The trinity became extremely popular among the laymen of the time as the trinity of Father, Son, and Spirit. This practice existed for a millennium or so, after which it faded out. However, the concept migrated to foreign lands at the time of the three-century drought of 2200 BC. At that time, Indians who migrated to foreign shores in search of water took this concept along with them to distant corners of the globe. A large number of native religions were deliberately modified to fit into this paradigm. The concept was ultimately adopted into Christianity two thousand years ago.

Christian Trinity is a well-explained and highly profound concept ? please do not let anyone tell you that it is of pagan origins. And please do not let Encyclopedia Americana tell you that it is a concept "beyond the grasp of human reason." I hope Christendom wakes up to the fact that its central tenets are no longer mysterious, but are easily explained.

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