The Winds of Winter: Book 6 of A Song of Ice and Fire

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9780002247412: The Winds of Winter: Book 6 of A Song of Ice and Fire
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'I always expect the best from George R.R. Martin and he always delivers A Game of Thrones grabs hold and won't let go. It's brilliant.' Robert Jordan 'George R.R. Martin is one of our very best writers, and this is one of his very best books.' Raymond Feist 'Such a splendid tale. I read my eyes out -- I couldn't stop till I'd finished and it was dawn' Anne McCaffrey 'A Game of Thrones offers the rich tapestry that the very best fantasy demands: iron and steel within the silk, grandeur within the wonder, and charactrs torn between deep love and loyalty. Few created worlds are as imaginative and diverse.' Janny Wurts 'George Martin is assuredly a new master craftsman in the guild of heroic fantasy.' Katharine Kerr

Note de l'éditeur :

Continuing the most imaginative and ambitious epic fantasy since The Lord of the Rings Winter has come at last and no man can say whether it will ever go again. The Wall is broken, the cold dead legions are coming south, and the people of the Seven Kingdoms turn to their queen to protect them. But Daenerys Targaryen is learning what Robert Baratheon learned before her; that it is one thing to win a throne and quite another to sit on one. Before she can hope to defeat the Others, Dany knows she must unite the broken realm behind her. Wolf and lion must hunt together, maester and greenseer work as one, all the blood feuds must be put aside, the bitter rivals and sowrn enemies join hands. The Winds of Winter tells the story of Dany's fight to save her new-won kingdom, of two desperate journeys beyond the known world in to the very hearts of ice and fire, and of the final clomactic battle at Winterfell, with life itself in the balance.

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