Sir Harold Jeffreys Theory of Probability

ISBN 13 : 9780198512158

Theory of Probability

9780198512158: Theory of Probability
Présentation de l'éditeur :

Another title in the reissued Oxford Classic Texts in the Physical Sciences series, Jeffrey's Theory of Probability, first published in 1939, was the first to develop a fundamental theory of scientific inference based on the ideas of Bayesian statistics. His ideas were way ahead of their time and it is only in the past ten years that the subject of Bayes' factors has been significantly developed and extended. Until recently the two schools of statistics (Bayesian and Frequentist) were distinctly different and set apart. Recent work (aided by increased computer power and availability) has changed all that and today's graduate students and researchers all require an understanding of Bayesian ideas. This book is their starting point.

Revue de presse :

Though mathematically very demanding, the principles and examples are clear enough, and Jeffreys' trenchant references to critics of Bayesian methods often made me laugh out loud - an unusual experience with an advanced statistics text. Its selection as an Oxford Classic Text is unusual but well judged. ( Robert Matthews, New Scientist)

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