Puressentiel Nebulizer Diffuser Humidifier For Essential Oils

9780201459661: Puressentiel Nebulizer Diffuser Humidifier For Essential Oils

PURESSENTIEL SPEAKERS Nebulizer humidifier for essential oils PRESENTATION: The nebulizer humidifier for essential oils Puressentiel® offers three types of use. Dissemination of essential oils The nebulizer-humidifier to essential oils Puressentiel® is equipped with a system of diffusion by means of ultrasound that releases a soft mist of water. With a few drops of essential oils water receives aromatic molecules that are dispersed in small droplets then (micro particles). Humidification This system humidifies the air in a pleasant environment and improves the comfort of the respiratory tract. Thanks to the large tank (0.45 L), the humidification can last more than 12 hours. Integrates the perfections in the places that characterize your daily life (home, office, hotel, medical offices, beauty salons, waiting rooms, gyms ...), particularly in dry environments: in times of great heat, in case of dry air of the mountains, in an excessively heated (in the presence of electric heating or fireplace), in children's bedrooms ... Ionisation Extremely quiet, the ionization system cold preserves perfectly the properties of essential oils. . The diffusion of essential oils provides a real moment of relaxation and well-being, accompanied by a delicate mood light changing colors or without any light, depending on your preference. METHOD 'GUIDE: Before any use or handling, make sure the speaker is turned off and disabled. Warning! Never touch the speaker taking it from the top (outer cover), hold it with your hands in lifting from the feriore (the base). 1. Place the speaker on a stable surface, not very close to an edge (could tip). Do not place on or near a piece of furniture or an area sensitive to moisture. 2. Do not throw the water at the exit of steam nor based. 3. Remove the outer cover, then remove the water tank (element of green color) and the base by lifting it towards the other. 4. Turn the water tank upside down and unscrew the filler cap by turni

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