The Animal Kingdom Volume 14; Arranged in Conformity with Its Organization,

9780217068062: The Animal Kingdom Volume 14; Arranged in Conformity with Its Organization,

This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1829 Excerpt: ... five inches and three quarters, tail two inches and three quarters long. Brazil. Muscicapa Albiventer, Spix, Braz. t. 30. 1. d. 2.?. Blackish above; forehead, and beneath, snow-white; tail deep-black; body four inches and a half, tail one inch and a half. Muscicapa Dominicana, Licht. Spix,. Braz.'t. 29. 2. Viuva Brazilians, Pepoaza Domini cain, Azara, n. 203. Tyrannus Dominianus, Vieil. Black; head, neck, and beneath, white; body five, tail two inches. Brazil. Muscicapa Rufina, Spix, Braz. t. 31.1. d. 2.. $. Brown; yellowish-white beneath; tail and bill long; male, crown yellow; body five and a half, tail three inches long. Muscicapa Mystacea, Spix, Braz. t. 31. . 1. rf 2. $. White; streak above the ears, wing, and white-tipt tail, black; middle of the back dirty-white; tail somewhat wedge-shaped; body five, tail two inches one-fifth long. Brazil. Muscicapa Varia, Vieil. Suiriri Chorradeo Debazo, Azara, 178. Blackish, pale-yellow beneath. South America. Muscicapa Fiava, Gm. H. Enl. t. 569. 2. Vieil. Ois. Am. Sept. 41. Brown, yellow beneath; bill and feet brown. Others, which inhabit New Holland, have the bill Ku i broad and strong, Iuiii»bfic Wizl nostrils round' and tbt-tali eqm. Tnrx iurm at £_--i'i« Momarcha of Vigors and RarsbtuL Muteioapa Carateda. wam. ZiMoL EL-147. Lead-coloured; cheek snd side Dc seek jailer: f.wWad and throat black; beDy, lover win£-:swerai. and teat ferrngmeoos; length Spt Hnfamd The Flveatees, McscirKTA. Car. Have the beak long and very depressed; twice the width of its height even at the base. The crest is very obtuse, and yet mobile. The edges hare a slight oval bend. The point and the notching are weak, and these are long threads at the base of the beak. Their weakness allows them to take only insects; and...

Les informations fournies dans la section « Synopsis » peuvent faire référence à une autre édition de ce titre.

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