William Congreve William Congreve

ISBN 13 : 9780217417761

William Congreve

9780217417761: William Congreve
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Ei William Congreve came of one of the old landowning families described, or rather catalogued, byS heridan in the picture scene ofT heS chool forS candal; families which, from generation to generation, produced judges, generals, parliament men and justices of the peace; families in which knighthoods were plentiful, and from which the House of Peers was commonly recruited. Though Staffordshire was the home of his race, he was born at Bardsey, near Leeds, where he was baptized on February tenth, 1669-1670. His father, also named William, was a soldier, and, soon after the poets birth, was given a command at Youghal in I reland. In I reland, therefore, young Congreve was brought up. At the age of eleven or thereabouts he went to Kilkenny School, then theE ton of I reland, where, for some months, he hadJ onathan Swift for a schoolfellow. Probably, however, the friendship of the two men dates from their association at Trinity College, Dublin, whither Congreve An excellent bibliography of the writings of Congreve by J. P. Anderson of theB ritish Museum is attached as an appendix toM r. Gosse svolume on Congreve in Great Writers. The plays of Congreve were first collected with his other works in Dublin, 1731, 3vols. Two years later aT ondon edition appeared. The last modern editions are those of Leigh Hunt (with Wychcrley, Vanbrugh, andF arquhar), 1.S40, and of A. C. Ewald in theM ermaid Series, 1887. Mr. Gosse sL ife, already mentioned (L ondon, 1888), and the article byS irS idney Lee inT heD ictionary of National Biography, 1887, vol. xil, are trustworthy biographies.
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