The ABC of electricity

9780217884433: The ABC of electricity

This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can usually download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1888 edition. Excerpt: ... Fig. 23. Edison Incandescent Lamp. You will see that this lamp consists of a pear-shaped globe, and inside is a long U-shaped strip of carbon only a little thicker than an ordinary thread. This is a strip of bamboo cane which has been carbonized to a thread of charcoal. It is joined to two wives which come through the glass. These two wires come down through the bottom of the globe, and one is fastened to a brass screw ring, while the other wire is fastened to a brass button at the bottom of the lamp. These two (the ring and button) must, as you know, be separated from each other by something which will not cany electricity, or they would make a she it circuit when the electricity was applied. We separate the ring and the button by Plaster of Paris. Now, if we took the ends of two wires which were charged with the proper amount of electricity and put one wire on the screw ring, and the other on the button, the lamp would light up, because there would be a complete path for the current to travel in. It will, however, be plain to you that it would be awkward to light the lamps in this way, so we use a "socket" into which the lamp is screwed. The wires from the dynamo carrying the electricity, are connected in the socket, one wire to the screw thread into which the screw ring fits and the other to a button which the button on the lamp touches when the lamp is screwed into the socket. Thus we have a connected path for the current to travel in, or, as it is termed, a complete circuit. You will notice that in the incandescent lamp the electricity does not need to jump, as it does in the arc light, because we give it one continuous straight line to travel in. In order, however, to get the current to do work for us, we put some resistance in its...

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