Technical Mineralogy and Petrography: An Introduction to Materials Technology, Part A (Materials Science Monographs, 43A)

9780444989932: Technical Mineralogy and Petrography: An Introduction to Materials Technology, Part A (Materials Science Monographs, 43A)

This work is a two-part set of data essential for mineralogists involved in the examination of mineral raw materials and the design of the technology for manufacturing mineral materials. Natural scientists by training, mineralogists often have difficulty in adapting their skills to the special needs of industry. The level of these needs often exceeds the range of parameters deemed sufficient for the requirements of geology. So, besides a list of the fundamental optical parameters of minerals and inorganic phases, Part A includes other physicochemical parameters, as well as examples of raw material quality assessment cards and the microstructural analysis of materials. Part B is a compilation of typical microstructures of various industrial mineral materials divided into eight different groups. The verbal descriptions traditional in mineralogy and petrography are accompanied by digital descriptions based on the theory of graphs. This part of the book is introduced by an illustration of the principle of the digital descriptions of microstructures.

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Book Description :

The book offers an original approach to basic mineralogical knowledge as applied to process design in inorganic mineral materials manufacture. It is thus an introduction to materials engineering seen from the point of view of processes leading to the formation of the final microstructure of the desired material. Richly illustrated with diagrams and micrographs, the book aims to make mineralogists with a natural science background more familiar with the growing needs of the modern minerals industry, not only for very pure of specially prepared mineral powders, but also for the inclusion of mineralogists in teams designing the industrial manufacture of monocrystals, and polycrystalline or amorphous materials.

Such an approach makes this a basic textbook of experimental and industrial mineralogy. The equations and calculations usually found in textbooks on physics, chemistry on materials engineering have deliberately been omitted from the present monograph, which is intended to complement the afore-mentioned books, furnishing practical knowledge so that the reader may understand the sequences of changes taking place when raw minerals are processed to yield the various kinds of materials manufactured and utilized by modern industry.

For ease of use, the sets of tables characterizing materials by their components and the sets of microstructures divided into eight different groups, are published in a separate volume (Part B). This includes verbal and digital descriptions of the structures, the latter being based on the theory of graphs.

Readership: Academic and industrial mineralogists, ceramists and materials engineers; undergraduate and postgraduate students of mineralogy, ceramics and materials engineering; and employees of modern industrial laboratories, especially those concerned with the application of inorganic raw materials and the synthesis of mineral bodies.

Language Notes :

Text: English, Polish (translation)

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