Webster's New World College Dictionary

ISBN 13 : 9780470637876

Webster's New World College Dictionary

9780470637876: Webster's New World College Dictionary

Don’t forget to stock up on our flagship Webster’s New World title–a must for every home, office, and classroom!

Webster’s New World College Dictionary is the most trustworthy, user-friendly guide to American English available–the official dictionary of the Associated Press and other major news organizations. This edition includes the dictionary in both print and CD-ROM formats, enabling people to look up words on the printed page or on a PC desktop. In addition to the dictionary, the CD-ROM includes a bonus thesaurus and a "misspeller’s dictionary" that automatically translates common spelling mistakes. Best of all, this unbeatable print + CD-ROM package is value-priced at only $26.95!

"Webster’s New World is probably the nation’s most influential dictionary, in that it’s the official word source for the Associated Press and for the New York Times, among other newspapers."
—The Atlantic Monthly

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Review :

Is "legislator" pronounced with an "er" sound at the end or an "or"? Is the Jewish festival of lights spelled "Chanukah," "Hanuka," or "Hanukkah"? With Webster's New World College Dictionary, which promises to describe rather than prescribe, you can take your pick. The dictionary includes more than 150,000 entries, including brief biographical and geographical notes and useful drawings and diagrams (depictions of four kinds of buoys, for example). The guide to pronunciation and symbols is given on every other page, handy for those who don't like to refer to the inside cover each time they forget how to pronounce the sound of the schwa (of course, the guides on the inside and front covers are more extensive). Starred words refer to Americanisms, which number more than 11,000, such as "hornswoggle" and "Hopi" and "kitchenette." The definitions themselves are clear and simple and seldom have you scurrying to another page for a definition of the definition. Easy to use and understand, Webster's New World College Dictionary is a fine addition to any high school or college student's desk set. --Rebecca A. Staffel

From the Back Cover :


Selected by the Associated Press, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and other leading newspapers as their official dictionary of choice.

Up-to-Date Entries for Today’s World

Nearly 7,500 new entries bring meaning and understanding to changes in lifestyles, technology, medicine, society, world politics and cultures, and more.

Over 850 Illustrations, Photographs, and Maps

Important people, places, objects, and concepts are clearly illustrated to help you recognize and identify them.

Expanded Reference Information with a Four-Color World Atlas

Numerous tables, charts, and lists provide a handy reference to geographical and other useful data. Special sections also include important historical documents, a guide to punctuation, and full-color maps of the world.

Thousands of Geographical and Biographical Entries

The people and places that shape our worldview are fully covered. Entries are part of the A-Z body of the dictionary, so they are easy to find. Many entries include maps or photographs.

Helpful Notes, Examples, and Synonyms

To help you choose words precisely, usage notes give important cautions and explanations. Examples put words into meaningful context. Synonym notes list related words and distinguish among their meanings.

Easy to Read and Use

Each page is designed so you don’t have to work to find the information you want.

The Definitive Guide to American English

Webster’s New World College Dictionary includes more unique Americanisms – more than 12,000 – than any other college dictionary. Its crisp, dynamic defining style is itself uniquely American.

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