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9780471198536: Biotechnology

The Third Edition of the "Biotechnology" book series is the largest source of information in the field. The first three volumes provide indispensable knowledge on fundamentals and modern methods and technologies in biotechnology. Volumes 4 to 6 focus on recent research developments and applications of the three main areas of biotechnology: Food Biotechnology, Industrial Biotechnology, and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology. Everybody involved in biotechnology will appreciate this book series at their fingertips. Clear, concise, and comprehensive Biotechnology gives scientists all the background material which is indispensable for modern research and development of biotech products and processes. Such a huge amount of material requires easy access to the keywords, many of which are treated in different volumes. Therefore the cumulative index is a valuable and convenient tool for search throughout the whole set of volumes. Topics included are Biological and Genetic Fundamentals; Bioprocessing & Measuring, Modelling and Control; Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics; Food Biotechnology; Industrial Biotechnology; Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology; and, Cumulative Index.

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About the Author :

Prof. Dr. Alfred Puhler - since 1980 Head Department of Genetics, University of Bielefeld, Germany, - since 1999 member of the "Wissenschaftsrat" - coordinator of "GenoMic" (microbial genome network) - organisator of numerous genomics conferences Prof. Puhler is chief editor of the "Journal of Biotechnology" and author of more than 200 scientific publications. Prof. Dr. Friedrich Srienc, University of Minnesota, USA B.S., Chemistry, Technical University in Graz, 1974, M.S., Chemistry, Technical University in Graz, 1976, Ph.D., Biotechnology, Technical University in Graz, 1980 Friedrich Srienc works in the general area of biochemical engineering. All aspects of biotechnology and bioengineering ranging from molecular biology, metabolic engineering and mathematical modeling are employed to study fundamental processes of gene statement, protein synthesis and metabolic networks and how these relate to the growth physiology of cells.

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