Into the Black: The Inside Story of Metallica, 1991-2014

9780571295753: Into the Black: The Inside Story of Metallica, 1991-2014

As they embark upon the fourth decade of the career, Metallica's legacy is as unique as it is remarkable: having sold over 100 million albums their status as the biggest Metal band of all time is indisputable. Following the acclaimed first volume, which chronicled the band's rise to international stardom, the authors now explore the challenges and tensions that ensued for the band.

From the phenomenal, breakthrough, success of 1991's 'Black' album to the band's reinvention with the 'Load/Reload' albums; bassist Jason Newsted's shock exit in 2001 and the group's subsequent meltdown, as laid bare in the unvarnished fly-on-the-wall documentary Some Kind Of Monster, to the divisive 'St. Anger' and 'Lulu' sets (recorded with Rick Rubin and in collaboration with Lou Reed respectively), they brilliantly capture this unique bands epic, louder than life saga.

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Review :

Few testimonies to the psychopathy of rock bands have been as witty, literate and loving. Read it and roll to the toll of the bell that rings for one of the greatest, heaviest rock bands. (THE TIMES)

The definitive guide to 'Tallica's second age. For a look behind the Metallicurtain, only Lars Ulrich himself could tell more. (KERRANG!)

In a market full of hacked-out hagiographies, this ultra authoritative Metallica biography by Paul Brannigan and Ian Winwood stands apart, not just in the access the authors had, but in the depth of knowledge and compelling narrative flow that comes with a labour of love. (METAL HAMMER)

Brannigan and Winwood are enthusiasts rather than sycophants, never letting Metallica get away with murder (or St Anger). Respectful but never overly reverent, they go some way towards humanising one of metal's greatest monsters. (Q ****)

With this second volume the story becomes a lot more complicated. So it's to the credit of the authors that they tackle the relevant issues with a keen journalistic objective appraisal. A good and thought-provoking read. (CLASSIC ROCK, 8/10)

Book Description :

Volume II of the 'definitive' Metallica history - for fans of Dirt, Slash and all things heavy metal.

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