Thor Speare Was Prophet Mohammed Murdered?

ISBN 13 : 9780595289523

Was Prophet Mohammed Murdered?

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9780595289523: Was Prophet Mohammed Murdered?

An instant buried in fourteen centuries of desert sands comes to life with its bygone splendor.

As interesting as any outstanding thriller, the historical Koran is presented in modern sparkling English with its selected chapters and verses reordered to glamorize the intrigues, disputes, battles, anecdotes, Mohammed's love affairs, his frustrations and his teachings.

This work will dazzle the minds of those who know the power of communication. To capture the imagination, hearts and minds of an ignorant and illiterate people by mere words, just words, written and read out, and move them to believe in an abstract God and fight for Him and their personal freedoms, loose and yet fight on until overwhelmingly victorious, has no historical parallels.

After Mohammed's murder, his successors turned to dictatorship, oppression, torture, injustice and corruption. They called it Islam. They still do.

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