Too Radical: The Powerful Commands of Jesus and Why Almost Everyone Hates Them

9780615733975: Too Radical: The Powerful Commands of Jesus and Why Almost Everyone Hates Them
Présentation de l'éditeur :

Jesus was a radical man who taught radical things. His words upend lives, societies, cultures, and nations. When people live what Jesus taught, they change the world. Today, who is able to live out the actual words of Jesus? Is there anyone? Jesus is looking for some radical men and women who will grab hold of of his radical words and seize the kingdom of God. It's time to lay down all our own agendas. It's time to begin walking in God's supernatural power and authority upon the earth. It's time to change the world. Difficult times call for difficult measures, and this book is a clarion call to give up everything for the sake of Jesus.

Biographie de l'auteur :

Peter Brooks was raised in the American Midwest, went to church almost every Sunday, but didn't even know if God existed. One night in his college dorm room, the presence of God came to him and began to speak. Shocked, he thought he was going crazy. But the presence of God stayed with him and his life totally changed. After earning a degree in philosophy and religion, God sent him to Asia to live and work among the poor. Over a decade later, he's still there, currently living outside a village with his lovely wife and homeschooled children.

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