Alexandra Penney How to Make Love to a Man

ISBN 13 : 9780671606602

How to Make Love to a Man

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9780671606602: How to Make Love to a Man

Discusses sex in the 1990s, with advice on condoms, U-spot orgasms, and the coital alignment technique.

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Review :

There appears to be no dearth of reference material on literature, grammar, and baseball statistics. But for sex options, there's usually giggly whispers or girlie magazines. Alexandra Penney, however, talks turkey without wallowing in smut, and even better, she's updated her information with the AIDS concerns of the '90s. She explains in detail how to be sexy and safe at the same time, and that's precious information. Penney combines great knowledge and insight with good advice about how to communicate with your loved one on the sensitive topic of sex.

From the Inside Flap :

ASK ANY MAN. If you can get him to admit it, he'll probably tell you that he would like to be made love to almost as much as being a good lover.
In the past, it is the man who has been responsible for not only the lovemaking, but the romance: candlelight, flowers, music, and tenderness. HOW TO MAKE LOVE TO A MAN, a classic best-seller, is the first book to focus on men's sexual and emotional needs, and to talk to today's woman who would like to be an active partner but doesn't quite know how. More than a manual for having sex (though it is that too), this is a guide to the art of making love. The author, after interviewing doctors, sex therapists, women, and most important, more than 200 men, has been able to understand men's deepest emotional needs.
The author discusses what men find sexy in a woman; how to show a man that you are interested, how to get a man to share his emotional and sexual needs, how to enhance sex through a massage, touching, and improved timing, and much more.
Whether married or single, the reader will gain new insight on making "whole" love?developing the attitude and the understanding that make the love act complete and meaningful.

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