SickWorld! by Chris Caggiano: 20th Anniversary Edition

9780692203200: SickWorld! by Chris Caggiano: 20th Anniversary Edition

It is the year 80,902 on a Twin World of Earth, Milennia after the Five Thousand Year Long battle commonly known as the Great War, in which Reality itself was a casualty. Now Mutants, Cyborgs, Gods and Embodied Concepts walk the streets, the predominant culture is one of self mutilation, and three comrades, drawn together by necessity, are spilled over by a semi sentient gateway called a Dimensional Porthole. Includes the sum total of story lines written 1982-1994 for the Underground comic, the true SickWorld! Backstory, plus over 350 illustrations of Characters, Mutant Races and more from the original Unpublished series. Welcome to SickWorld, the Place of Despair. Wishes for Heaven Will Not Take You There.

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About the Author :

CHRIS CAGGIANO is Internationally Unknown as an artist, writer, poet, lyricist and photographer. His works include the collection of poetry and lyrics I, ANTIMESSIAH, the photography compendium VANISHING POINTS, and the illustrated children's book AROUND AND ABOUT A DAY OR SO BEFORE OR AFTER DOOMSDAY. He is the co curator of METROPOLIS APOCALYPSE Art Show, and the co founder of HELLHOLE N.Y.C. His work has been in numerous small press publications, including LIME GREEN BULLDOZERS (and Other Related Species...), BUT A TWIST OF THE LIP, BAD NEWZ BRAT, CLAWMARKS, CURARE, DESTROY AND BE FREE!, SIVULLINEN, BOLD PRINT and COLLECTOR'S CLUB NEWSLETTER. He briefly appeared in Troma Entertainment's TERROR FIRMER, and was interviewed for the documentary FAT GIRLS FLOAT. A witch almost directed a thriller based on his sex life. His songs have been covered by EMBITTERED, THE DENIED and BULL'S BLOOD LABORATORY, and he has written lyrics for THE CHARLES CUDD PROJECT, FASTLANE and HIGH TEEN BOOGIE. His own band, ICONICIDE, have been defying odds and creating enemies since December of 1988. Their CDs include JESUS IS THE BOMB, DIE FOR YOUR GOD, FATHER SON HOLOCAUST, ONE WHITE DOVE, BOUT FUCKING TIME, JESUS CORPSE: D.N.R. and GODSPEED. His spinoff Hip Hop act, DABUMRUSHKREW, are still around, sort of... CHRIS is a third generation resident of Bushwick, Brooklyn.

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