Eating and Cooking to Energize and Heal: Plant Based Whole Food Journey

9780692367926: Eating and Cooking to Energize and Heal: Plant Based Whole Food Journey
Présentation de l'éditeur :

This recipe book was written out of experience and love. The experience of cooking and eating the recipes and healing the body. The love of wanting you to experience the same joy. You will read Orlando's personal story about how a change in his lifestyle helped him find gratification and self confidence. Healing his body of being a border line diabetic, being over wieght, sciatica, constipation, low energy and a low sex drive have him wanting to share everything he knows about health. Orlando shares nutritional facts, like the truth about proteins, how to lose weight naturally, importance of exercising and more that help you to understand the importance of eating a healthy diet. He then shares some of his favorite recipes. You will find that there is no shortage of great tasting foods in the plant kingdom.

Biographie de l'auteur :

Orlando Piphus lives in United States, Saint Louis Missouri. His life changed from poverty and mediocrity to extraordinary and abundance in a moment. He took a fearless control of his thoughts and actions and began walking in the direction of his dreams. He has been in a transformational state of being every since learning from his past and present experiences. He now lives from his imagination and shares the methods and techniques that continue to move him forward. He believes the greatest joy in life comes from connecting with the Almighty Power Within and inspiring others to connect through his journey. He lives life as a transformational speaker and Life coach. He touches others with an amazing message that awakens the inner person.

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