Aliza Rudman Ragnar's Daughter

ISBN 13 : 9780692393154

Ragnar's Daughter

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9780692393154: Ragnar's Daughter
Présentation de l'éditeur :

In a time when humans are an oppressed race and Gomorrians rule with an iron fist, a single girl stumbles into a world of magic and monsters, and must learn to overcome it all. Kiera has hated her father, Ragnar, the human ruler of LeFran, for longer than she can remember. No, scratch that. She has hated him since the day he sentenced her mother to death for witchcraft. Now on the verge of adulthood, Kiera is trying to figure out who she is in a world in which she doesn't quite belong. If not for a forbidden childhood friendship with a Gomorrian prince named Sod, Kiera and her people might have been left hungry, not only for food, but for hope. After her friendship with Sod takes an uncomfortable turn, Kiera is left to wander the terrifying forest alone. Until one day she encounters Archer, the most unusual human she ever seen. He’s also not hard on the eyes, though Archer quickly makes it clear that their arrangement is strictly business, no matter the sparks that fly between them. Archer has been tasked by the witch Abak to help Kiera develop her gift, a gift she did not know she had and is reluctant to possess after her mother’s grim fate. To compound things, Kiera’s hand has been promised to the smarmy Gavin. Her father believes their union will help strengthen their people against the ruthless King Bera and the Gomorrians, but Kiera easily sees right through the devious leech. But how can she convince her stubborn father that the marriage is a mistake–especially as the fate of the people of LeFran and the human world now seems to rest with her?

Biographie de l'auteur :

Aliza began writing books when she was in seventh grade math class and has never stopped since. When she was 21 years old she was driving to a concert in Upstate New York and a question struck her- what if humans weren't on the top of the food chain? What if a new race- a bigger, badder, race, lorded over them? And so the Gomorrians were born. Reality is boring, and if that's what you're looking for- go outside! All the books Aliza loves, and the stories she writes are about taking a journey to places you can only go in your head. Aliza's goal in everything she does is to transport her audience somewhere new, somewhere amazing. BECAUSE ISN'T THAT WHAT EVERYONE IS LOOKING FOR, TO EXPERIENCE SOMETHING EXTRAORDINARY?

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