Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper - Live 1973 - Billion Dollar Babies Tour

9780738933801: Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper - Live 1973 - Billion Dollar Babies Tour

And now, America's own Billion Dollar Babies ... the legendary ALICE COOPER!

The original Rock ’n’ Roll Spectacle. The groundbreaking tour. The five original members of the Alice Cooper group captured live. The 1973 Billion Dollar Babies show was the first of its kind. No other band had ever brought a more expensive, elaborate theatrical production to the rock stage -- and rarely has any since.

Now available for the FIRST TIME since it hit theaters in 1974, Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper -- the film made during the Billion Dollar Babies tour that combines stunning concert footage with an outrageous story and also features the band’s acting debut — has been transferred in high definition and now includes a new 5.1 Surround Sound mix.

The crunching music, the snake, the guillotine, the makeup, the hatchets, mannequins and dolls, the money, the whips -- it all started here. Alice Cooper kicked the door down. All the other artists followed behind.

Featuring 13 Alice Cooper classics recorded live in concert:

Hello, Hooray
Billion Dollar Babies
I’m Eighteen
Raped And Freezin’
No More Mr. Nice Guy
My Stars
Unfinished Sweet
Sick Things
Dead Babies
I Love The Dead
School’s Out
Under My Wheels
And a studio performance of The Lady Is A Tramp

Plus These Special Features:
*Audio Commentary by Alice Cooper
*Play-Concert-Only Option
*Deleted Scene and Outtakes
*Original Theatrical Trailer and Radio Spots
*Poster Gallery With Original Promotional Material
Band Biographies
*DVD Easter Eggs
*Anamorphic Widescreen & 5.1 Surround Sound

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Review :

They billed it as "the film that outgrosses them all," but if some of the antics on display in Good To See You Again, Alice Cooper - Live 1973 seem fairly mild some thirty years after the fact, that's mainly because people like Marilyn Manson and some of the more lurid punk and metal acts copped many of their moves from Cooper in the first place. This movie, which combines footage from the band's Billion Dollar Babies concert tour with what might charitably be described as a storyline, had a brief theatrical run in the mid-'70s but has been mostly unseen until this DVD release, which features a high definition transfer and a new sound mix. The group (with its namesake singer joined by original members Michael Bruce and Glen Buxton on guitar, Dennis Dunaway on bass, and drummer Neal Smith) was in the midst of a nice run of hits at the time; "No More Mr. Nice Guy," "Eighteen," and "School's Out" are all ably performed here, but it's the stage show in all its Grand Guignol glory that's the prime attraction. Clockwork Orange-style violence, necrophilia, decapitation via guillotine, humping mannequins, sticking baby dolls with swords: that and more is on display here, all in the name of what Cooper, whose commentary track is the major bonus feature, describes as "performance art." Well, maybe. Most of it comes off as little more than a hodgepodge of disconnected images--some vile and vulgar, some merely silly--designed to thrill the kids and piss off the parents, which it most certainly did... and ain't that what rock & roll is all about? As for the "story" (something about a crazed film director out for vengeance after Alice ruins his masterpiece) that's intercut with the concert numbers, the best that can be said about it is that viewers have the option of choosing the "play concert only" option. --Sam Graham

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