Selling Dreams: How to Make Any Product Irresistible

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9780756762360: Selling Dreams: How to Make Any Product Irresistible

Longinotti-Buitoni, president and CEO of Ferrari North America, tells how any company can create a dream product or service. He shows how, with a single dream product, companies in all industries can market products that ignite their customers' dreams and achieve blockbuster successes that can establish their brands for years to come. He reveals principles of dream marketing, in which brand management is elevated to an art form, and examines how even the most unlikely products have become dream products.

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Review :

When Gian Luigi Longinotti-Buitoni took over as CEO of Ferrari North America, the U.S. and Canada were in a recession, and he couldn't imagine people were inclined to spend their money on such an expensive, impractical car. Since then, Longinotti-Buitoni has changed his mind about a few things, including practicality. He believes the desire for a Ferrari comes from our dreams, not the part of our brain that balances the checkbook each month. Those same dreams fuel our desire for leisure time, Gucci couture, Gulfstream jets, beauty, exotic vacations.

These dreams have probably existed, he surmises, since Cro-Magnon people drew images of successful hunting expeditions and victorious battles on cave walls. Entrepreneurs in the business of selling dreams need to understand these dreams, and reinterpret the product in terms of its place in a human's fantasy world. And it's not all about selling stuff to people who appear in Vanity Fair--dreams can be marketed to the masses, too. Thus, the Volkswagen Beetle was a hippie dream of sharing something extraordinary with everyone; Levi's jeans are a working person's dream of striking gold (they were, after all, sold to the miners during the California gold rush); Nike sneakers are an inner-city kid's dream of overcoming his oppressive origins through athletic stardom. The best things in life may be free, but after reading Selling Dreams, you'll understand why we spend so much time fantasizing about the things we can't afford. And, if you're in business, you'll know better how to cash in on those fantasies. --Lou Schuler

From Booklist :

In The Dream Society (1999), futurist Rolf Jensen predicts how the commercialization of emotion and "the coming shift from information to imagination will transform your business." Buitoni shows how "selling dreams" is already a reality as consumers eagerly buy $150 athletic shoes and $150,000 sports cars. Buitoni is president and CEO of Ferrari North America. This analysis of luxury marketing was originally done for his doctoral dissertation at the University of Lausanne, but Buitoni and his wife have adapted it here for a popular readership. Although the neologism is too contrived, he explains how "dreamarketing" taps into customers' emotions and imaginations and turns owning a product into a dream-fulfilling experience. With an eclectic array of examples drawn from sources ranging from antiquity to today's most upscale fashion magazines, Buitoni lays out a marketing plan that not only incorporates practical steps for "spark[ing] desire" but also allows a role for "intuition, perception, improvisation, sensation, and unstructured research." David Rouse

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