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Walter Mosley Fearless Jones (PDF)

ISBN 13 : 9780759595026

Fearless Jones (PDF)

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9780759595026: Fearless Jones (PDF)
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Paris Minton is minding his own business - a small used-book store of which he is the proud proprietor - when a beautiful woman walks in and asks a few questions. Before he knows it, Paris has been beaten up, slept with, shot at, robbed, and his bookstore has been burnt to the ground. He?s in so much trouble he has no choice but to get his friend Fearless Jones out of jail to help him. Things get scary fast as they look into this woman?s past, and the more they learn, the harder it gets - as black men in 1950s L.A. they have few rights, little money, and no recourse under attack. Fearless is written with the dazzling pace of noir classics like The Maltese Falcon, but with the humor and brilliant insights into American times, places and morals that have made Walter Mosley?s novels bestsellers.

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Review :

Walter Mosley's Fearless Jones inaugurates a new crime series set in 1950s Los Angeles. But can Jones match Mosley's engaging long-term hero Easy Rawlins? On the evidence of this first book, the answer is resoundingly in the affirmative, even if the new series takes a little time to establish the new protagonist. And this is probably because the central character here is not so much the eponymous Fearless Jones as Paris Minton, the owner of a small second-hand bookstore. Minton is savagely beaten up and his store burned to the ground for mysterious reasons. A beautiful woman is involved, and the beleaguered Minton asks for the aid of his friend, the resourceful Fearless Jones. As Jones painstakingly investigates the woman's past, a very dark mystery begins to unravel. The crime aspects here are delivered with total panache, but Mosley would never be happy without adding that level of socio-political commentary he is so adept at, and the place of black men in 1950s LA (with few rights and little money) is a potent theme. Easy Rawlins is still Mosley's main man, but Fearless Jones gives every appearance of possessing similar longevity. --Barry Forshaw

Review :

?This is Mosley

s return to crime writing, and he slips back into the habit like a thirsty man taking a long cool drink...the countless twists make the novel as entertaining as the best Bogart thrillers (Guardian ?Accept the official verdict: Mosley is a great and important writer? Independent ?Mandatory? Time Out ?Mosley?s talent has outgrown every available genre? Literary Review)

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