John Reynolds Original Citroen Ds

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Original Citroen Ds

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9780760329016: Original Citroen Ds
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10 years ago I had rather cleverly placed the new Bay view Books "Original Citroen DS" book on my Christmas list. I spent the whole of that Christmas weekend immersed in this volume pouring through the various details, reading and rereading certain passages and admiring the wonderfully evocative photography. It is a book I regularly refer to even now and to this day I can't recall any other book on the subject which has given me so much pleasure or been so useful. With one volume Citroen expert John Reynolds with Jan de Lange (editor of a Dutch specialist Citroen magazine) managed to exponentially increase my knowledge of this iconic car, not hard I hear you say. Understandably the volume rapidly became the pre eminent work on the DS in the English language and highly sought after . As retailers stocks began to dwindle so prices on E bay for second hand copies began to climb to dizzying heights with some copies making several hundreds of pounds! Fortunately MBI publishing have launched a paperback version so the supply problem has been solved. Firstly for anyone who has a DS or who is thinking of buying one or even is just an admirer of the model, this book is indispensable, simply put "you must have it". The book is really a comprehensive guide to the various models and variations tracking detail changes which occurred from year to year. Details of chassis numbers and colour and trim combinations along with regional variations are all faithfully and painstakingly documented. This book is not a mechanics guide, that function is better fulfilled by various technical manuals, nor is it a guide in what to look for for the novice purchaser but in all other respects it is a great reference work and will give the purchaser days if not weeks of viewing pleasure. If I have a gripe it is that the volume is now presented in paperback form. My own hard copy has been so well thumbed it is in danger of falling apart. The other gripe is that I gather author John Reynolds did want to update the volume with some editorial changes and expand other areas felt lacking, sadly he wasn't given the opportunity. That said these are minor gripes and should not put you off buying. So if you are stuck for ideas for a Christmas present for a DS enthusiast you now know what to do, just don't expect too much in the way of conversation from them over the holiday. --Citroen Magazine

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