Jennifer Fallon The Chaos Crystal (Tide Lords)

ISBN 13 : 9780765356109

The Chaos Crystal (Tide Lords)

Note moyenne 3,82
( 1 671 avis fournis par Goodreads )
9780765356109: The Chaos Crystal (Tide Lords)

The final instalment of this fabulous, bestselling series. The Tide Lords have gathered in Jelidia to find out the secret of how to kill an immortal ...Cayal in particular. Before they can do this, however, they must find the Chaos Crystal that brought them to this world. They initially head to Glaeba, where Arkady has been captured by Jaxyn. She escapes and flees to Caelum, where she runs into Warlock and his family and learns that Elyssa, Warlock's cruel immortal mistress, may know something about the location of the Crystal. With every immortal on Amyrantha searching for this artefact, the stakes are very high ...Praise for The Tide Lords 'a multi-hued tapestry of myth, deceit and ambition' Publishers Weekly 'exceptional storytelling' Good Reading 'a rollercoaster ride of mortal and immortal machinations' Nexus

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