Men with Guns

ISBN 13 : 9780767899123

Men with Guns

9780767899123: Men with Guns

Dr. Fuentes is a man in search of his legacy: seven medical students he trained to work in impoverished native villages. But early in his odyssey, he begins to suspect that "men with guns" got there first, and with every step he is confronted by bloody realities he had long ignored. Now, his is an almost desperate quest, but for a mythical village deep in the rain forest - one last refuge of hopecalled Cerca del Cielo. Written and directed by John Sayles, this incredible journey of the heart and mind takes us into uncharted regions of hopelessness and unparalleled dimensions of brutality. Federico Luppi stars with a powerful ensemble cast featuring Mandy Patinkin, Dan Rivera González, Damián Delgado, Damián Alcázar and Tania Cruz, in a searing drama from a daring filmmaker acclaimed for such provocative favorites as City of Hope, Lone Star and Passion Fish.

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Review :

It is impossible to predict where John Sayles will travel at any given time in his film career, but Men with Guns is one of the director's most surprising journeys. Shot in Spanish, with a little-known cast, the film is a beguiling mix of the political and the mythical. A well-heeled doctor (Argentine actor Federico Luppi) in an unnamed Latin country leaves his comfortable home, in search of former medical students who may be caught in the political violence of the countryside. Although Sayles casts an unflinching eye on the issues of poverty and "willful ignorance" (embodied by the doctor, a well-meaning but complacent man), Men with Guns has a lush visual style and a great grab-bag of songs on the soundtrack. It's a slow and sometimes dreamlike movie, but by the time we reach the end it feels as though something special has transpired. --Robert Horton

Additional Features :

The commentary track by writer-director-editor John Sayles is unusually valuable in shedding light on the film's mix of political reality and magical realism. It's like spending a couple of hours with a really smart, well-spoken expert on this subject. He also gives background on the shooting in Mexico, and the way the production gave the film a dummy title, given the inflammatory danger of having the words "Men with Guns" written on everything. --Robert Horton

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