The Best of Baretta

ISBN 13 : 9780783276052

The Best of Baretta

9780783276052: The Best of Baretta

Robert Blake stars as unorthodox streetwise cop Tony Baretta in Baretta, the classic landmark television series that made the actor a household name. In The Best of Baretta see how the gritty, edgy crime-drama series began with this special DVD collection, which contains a pilot episode of the acclaimed, Emmy-nominated series - plus two additional bonus episodes from the series' first explosive season.

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Review :

It is a sordid fact of life that were it not for Robert Blake's newfound infamy as an accused wife murderer, Baretta, which lasted three seasons beginning in 1975, might have been relegated to late nights in TV land. But as they say in Hollywood, there's no such thing as bad publicity. So for those who do not want to invest in the Season One boxed set, here are three episodes from this offbeat cop series' first season, including the atypically gritty and brutal pilot, in which funky undercover cop Anthony Baretta goes after his girlfriend's killer, and speaks those grimly prophetic words: "If you can't do the time, don't do the crime." As these episodes testify, Baretta is more than a newly minted sick joke. The randy, rule-bending Baretta was a cop like no other on TV. And, as Tony was fond of saying, you can take that to the bank. --Donald Liebenson

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