Outrageous Fortune

ISBN 13 : 9780788818974

Outrageous Fortune

9780788818974: Outrageous Fortune

Lauren (Shelley Long, THE BRADY BUNCH MOVIE) is refinement, regimentation, and ballet slippers. Sandy (Bette Midler, THE FIRST WIVES CLUB) is brassy, bossy, and stiletto heels. They meet and it's hate at first sight. But these two opposites are shocked to discover a common bond: They share the same boyfriend -- a handsome schoolteacher (Peter Coyote, RANDOM HEARTS) who mysteriously and conveniently disappears. Mr. Right wronged them ... and when they decide to track the scoundrel down, they're thrown together in a cross-country pursuit for better or worse ... mosty for worse! Brilliantly cast and deviously written, this racy, riotous comedy provides sidesplitting laughs of outrageous proportions!

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Review :

Sometimes a movie works despite all its faults. Outrageous Fortune has a flimsy, formulaic script, so-so production values, and an odd combination of stars, but somehow it's engaging and fun. Shelley Long and Bette Midler play two struggling actresses--one a hoity-toity priss and the other a brassy slob--who learn they've been sleeping with the same guy (Peter Coyote) when he gets blown up in a terrorist assault and they confront each other in the morgue. When they discover that he's still alive, the bickering pair track him down, traipsing across the U.S. in high heels, pursued all the way by government agents, using their dubious acting talents to get them out of tough situations. The absurd plot keeps things moving and director Arthur Hiller (Silver Streak, The Out of Towners) gets cheerful performances out of everyone, particularly the strong supporting cast--including Robert Prosky (Broadcast News, Mrs. Doubtfire) as a pompous acting teacher, comedian George Carlin as a burnt-out would-be Indian, and the underused John Schuck (M*A*S*H, McCabe & Mrs. Miller) as a long-suffering agent. Contrived, cliché-ridden, but just absurd enough to entertain. --Bret Fetzer

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