Winning London

ISBN 13 : 9780790758770

Winning London

9780790758770: Winning London

<p>Winning London (DVD)</p><p>Chloe (Mary-Kate Olsen) and Riley Lawrence (Ashley Olsen) are already a winning combination--both members of their school's international Model United Nations competition. Placing among the best and the brightest, the girls, with their lucky teammates, journey to London, where they will represent China in a true test of their keen negotiation skills. But while in London, Chloe and Riley also have very different goals. For the studious Chloe, winning has always been everything . . . until she meets another school-obsessed teen, Londoner James Browning (Jesse Spencer). Meanwhile, for the boy-crazy Riley, London offers a chance to finally confess her love to fellow teammate and longtime friend Brian (Brandon Tyler).</p>

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Product Description :

<p>Winning London (DVD)</p><p>Mary-Kate and Ashley get the royal treatment taking on the world in this exciting British adventure. They jet to London to represent their high school at an international competition of the Model United Nations, and have the time of their lives as they enjoy the thrill of competition and take in the sights of London by day and by night. Mary-Kate and Ashley are out on the town visiting the landmarks, wearing the hippest fashions, hanging out with the cutest guys and dancing at the hottest club. Winning minds, winning hearts, winning fun. Winning London!</p>

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