1 Love

ISBN 13 : 9780792195818

1 Love

9780792195818: 1 Love

With an entertaining mix of history, colorful characters and hardwood action, 1 Love follows the evolution of basketball in America. It features intriguing stories as told by past and present players and fans whose love for the game changed their lives forever.

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Review :

1 Love is an exciting, comprehensive documentary about the mingling of cultural and social influences that made basketball what it is today. Appropriate credit goes to the game's official inventor, Canada's 19th-century physical education instructor, Dr. James Naismith. But filmmaker Leon Gast (When We Were Kings) also explores the YMCA's early role as a "pipeline for spreading basketball over the world," as well as the importance of the sport to New York's Jewish immigrant communities (players often had no ball, using wadded-up newspaper instead) in the early 20th century. The film pays tribute to the old Knickerbockers and Philadelphia Warriors legends, among others, who comprise today's coffee-klatch South Florida Basketball Fraternity. It also digs deep into the impact of Harlem's early precision players (and, by extension, today's pro-am street tournaments in the same neighborhoods) on the game's vitality and international popularity. Interviewees include Joe Hammond, the legend that got away from the NBA. --Tom Keogh

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