Stargate SG-1 Season 1, Vol. 5: Episodes 19-21

9780792849926: Stargate SG-1 Season 1, Vol. 5: Episodes 19-21

Episode #8.16: Reckoning Part 2 - GoaÂ'uld system lord Baal reveals to OÂ'Neill that he has been taking orders from Anubis, long thought to be dead. In the face of a losing battle with the Replicators, Anubis seeks a powerful weapon that could destroy all life in the galaxy. Afraid of the consequences of such an event, Baal pleads with OÂ'Neill to persuade TealÂ'c and the rebel Jaffa to destroy the temple where the weapon is buried. Episode #8.17: Threads - With a climactic battle behind them, the team turns towards personal matters. But unbeknownst to them, Anubis prepares one final attempt to take power! Meanwhile, Jackson awakens in a way station between the living world and the world of beings that have Â"ascended.Â" When he learns of AnubisÂ' campaign, will he ascend himselfÂ...or try to find a way back to save his friends? Episode #8.19: Moebius Part 1 - Jackson receives documents that point to the location of a ZPM in ancient Egypt. Hoping that the energy source could be used to power EarthÂ's defenses and open a wormhole to Atlantis, SG-1 uses an Ancient time machine to travel back to 3000 BC. But after the team locates the ZPM, Egyptians discover the time machine, and SG-1 must find a way to retake it without altering the timeline! Episode #8.20: Moebius Part 2 - SG-1Â's attempt to recover a ZPM from 3000 BC has altered the timeline, leading to a present in which the Stargate was never discovered! The alternate-reality Carter and Jackson convince a reluctant OÂ'Neill to take them on their first mission through the Stargate. But when the team is captured by TealÂ'c, once again the First Prime of Apophis, can they convince him to join their side?

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Review :

This fifth and final DVD from Stargate SG-1's first season contains three episodes that, unlike the rest of the show, are intended to be viewed in sequence. In the first, "There but for the Grace of God," Dr. Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks, a dead ringer for James Spader, who played the role in the feature film) finds himself in a parallel reality in which the dreaded Goa'ulds are attacking Earth. In the second episode, "Politics," the SG-1 team goes head-to-head with a sardonic, ignorant senator bent on closing the gate down; numerous flashbacks from earlier shows are included. "Within the Serpent's Grasp," the season finale, has the Goa'ulds actually on their way to Earth, with our heroes the only ones capable of stopping them. But be warned: this episode is a cliffhanger as well, so those who missed the second season when it aired will just have to wait until it's released on DVD, too. However, we're guessing everything turned out OK. --Sam Graham

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