Invasion Usa

ISBN 13 : 9780792851356

Invasion Usa

9780792851356: Invasion Usa

Slavic mercenaries with bazookas hit Florida at Christmas, drawing an agent out of retirement.

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Review :

Chuck Norris himself cowrote Invasion U.S.A., a movie that's partly a right-wing paranoid fantasy and partly a prescient vision of contemporary terrorism. A Soviet superagent named Rostov leads an invasion of guerrilla squads who, after landing in Florida, spread throughout the U.S. and start shooting bazookas into suburban homes, inciting race riots by impersonating the police and attacking ethnic events, and planting bombs in churches and on school buses. Soon martial law descends as the country sinks into chaos. Only American superagent Matt Hunter (Norris) can take Rostov on, and eventually the two men face off, Rostov in full-body black leather, Hunter in black gloves and painfully tight blue jeans. For anyone who yearns for the simplicity of the cold war and enjoys a vengeance-laden action flick with lots of guns and exploding cars (but little martial arts), Invasion U.S.A. will provide some cinematic comfort food. --Bret Fetzer

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