Babes In Toyland

ISBN 13 : 9780792862697

Babes In Toyland

9780792862697: Babes In Toyland

Everyone's favorite nursery-rhyme characters come magically and musically to life in this delightful animated adventure based on the classic holiday tale. Featuring the voices of James Belushi, LaceyChabert, Bronson Pinchot, Christopher Plummer and Charles Nelson Reilly, Babes in Toyland isa wonderful tune-filled tale that will delight the entire family time and again. It's two days before Christmas, and the Toyland Toy Factory has just received its biggest order ever. But theevil Barnaby, who doesn't believe in toys, has plans to shut the factory down and spoil the holidayfor everyone. Now it's up to Jack and Jill to stop Barnaby's plot and save Christmas!

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Review :

In this animated reworking of the 1961 movie, Mother Goose characters are pitted against the evil Barnaby, intent on preventing Toyland's factory from fulfilling Santa's order. This time it's the lamb-owning Mary, not the contrary Mary, who's intrigued with Tom, the Piper's son. The pair wants to save Mary's inherited factory, while the orphaned Jack and Jill seek to escape their uncle/jailer Barnaby. In a pop psychology twist, Barnaby wants Mary's factory, not Mary herself. His main beef is with the toys, because--it turns out--he never had any as a child. Pirate goons, an actual monkey wrench, and a forestful of goblins do their worst, but all ends well when Tom sics his newly invented larger-than-life toy soldiers with Inspector Gadget-like gizmos upon the villains. Christmas is saved, Mary and Tom envision their future, and many songs are sung by voice talents including the late Charles Nelson Reilly, as Humpty Dumpty. (Ages 3 and older) --Kimberly Heinrichs

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