Hindi for Beginners: A Guide to Conversational Hindi (Cd-rom Included)

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9780804844383: Hindi for Beginners: A Guide to Conversational Hindi (Cd-rom Included)
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Sunita Narain Mathur, a Hindi language educator by trade and a Musician by training, lives in the United States and has been teaching Hindi to adult learners for past 14 years in the United States. She has taught at the US Department of State Foreign Service institute, the Diplomatic Language Services, inlingua and worked as a reviewer, Editor and Translator at the University of Maryland, & SCOLA. Originally, Sunita hails from the city of Ajmer in rajasthan, india, where she graduated with a Master's of Arts degree in indian Classical Vocal Music from the Ajmer University. Sunita is the co-author of Survival Hindi (Tuttle Publishing, 2012.)

Madhumita Mehrotra was born and raised in the indian state of Uttar Pradesh. She has taught English and Hindi to thousands of students over a period of 30 years, including at the US Department of State Foreign Service institute and language institutes in CA .She is a Certified OPi (oral proficiency) tester and works as a target language expert and Hindi audio reviewer for various companies. in addition to her career as a teacher, Madhumita has also served as a TV presenter (Hindi) for over 15 years, is a classically trained Kathak dancer, and has performed in many Hindi stage and television plays and regional movies in india. She is the co-author of Survival Hindi (Tuttle Publishing, 2012.)

Présentation de l'éditeur :

Hindi for Beginners is a self-study language textbook aimed to help learners acquire Hindi language in a natural manner; engaging them to actively use it in the real life situations. This book is accompanied by an audio CD that has clearly annunciated dialogues and vocabularies by native speakers. Clear task based instructions; clear and to the point explanation of grammatical structures and lesson plans to help enhance their understanding of the Language. Targeted towards all learning styles, the subject matter is organized around day today conversations such as self- introduction, pleasantries, talking about daily, routine describing home, hiring transportation, hotel booking, reporting a theft, shopping and many more. It can be used for instruction purposes in a classroom setting or to maintain individual linguistic capabilities such as reading, listening, speaking and writing through wide array of activities. This book also includes the Romanization of vocabulary and dialogues as they are pronounced, to help learners pronounce them correctly and clearly in the absence of a Hindi speaker or a teacher, without any difficulty. Korean for Beginners 9780804841009 £14.99; Tagalog for Beginners 9780804841269 £14.99

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