Beloved Dust: Tides of the Spirit in the Christian Life

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9780826428424: Beloved Dust: Tides of the Spirit in the Christian Life
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There has been an explosion of interest in classical Christian spirituality over the past 50 years. Nevertheless, while a great deal of work has being done on the history of Christian spirituality, there has been no full-scale, systematic theological and pastoral treatment of Christian spiritual life since before the Second Vatican Council."Beloved Dust" takes a realistic and contemporary view of human being as entirely physical (dust) and then shows it immersed in three great tides of the 'Holy Spirit', the traditional threefold rhythm of conversion, transfiguration, and glory. What is unique about Robert Hughes' approach, among other things, is the effort to root spiritual theology in the doctrine of the Spirit, an outgrowth of the renewed interest in the Trinity among both Catholics (Karl Rahner) and Protestants (Robert Jenson). Also striking is Hughes' emphasis on "ordinary life"-marriage, parenting, etc. Here as a married Episcopal priest/theologian he brings a distinctly "Protestant" perspective to a traditionally "Catholic" enterprise for so long the preserve of celibate priests. What he achieves is an entirely new presentation of the traditional teaching in the light of contemporary knowledge and practice.

Revue de presse :

'It is impossible not to be impressed by Hughes wide reading, especially of modern Catholic theology, and he makes good use of what he has read.' --Church of England Newspaper, 11th Feb 2011

'This unassuming (but fat) paperback is one of the most satisfying and significant theological studies of our time - and one of the most ambitious.' --The Sign, May 2011

'Robert Hughes expresses his hope of producing a constructive approach to a refounded spiritual theology, which he seems to have achieved in an unusual and intriguing way.' --Methodist Recorder, 12th May 2011

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