Speechmark Let's Mime

ISBN 13 : 9780863888458

Let's Mime

9780863888458: Let's Mime
Revue de presse :

Can be used as a fun warm-up activity or in a therapeutic way. It is likely that those working with adolescents or teenage children or in a social skills setting may be able to use these within their working environment. --Jill Manning, NAPOT

Suitable for both small and large groups and would work well as a group warm-up activity or as the focus of a social group...these cards are a relatively inexpensive resource for any department and would be of value to anyone who wishes to promote social interaction or the development of communication skills... --Diane Chandler, Head Occupational Therapist Eastbourne and County NHS Trust, Therapy Weekly

Biographie de l'auteur :

Speechmark Publishing was formerly known as Winslow Publishing and has been publishing practical books, resources and ColorCards for health, education and special needs since 1979.

The high quality content of all our publications is backed up by Speechmark's trademark emphasis on good design, clear typography and sharp images. Our customers are in schools, hospitals, clinics, day-care centres and residential care homes where there is a need for high quality, practical materials that are helpful to professional staff and add to the quality of life of caregivers, pupils, clients and patients.

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