Fethi Azizi Physical Behaviour in Geotechnics

ISBN 13 : 9780955599668

Physical Behaviour in Geotechnics

9780955599668: Physical Behaviour in Geotechnics

This new edition builds on the solid foundation of the 1st edition by expanding the volume of the book, and improving the quality of its content. In statistical terms, this 2nd edition includes 399 state of the art figures, and over 70 worked examples (compared with 320 & 50, respectively, for the 1st edition). Some of the new material covers fully interpreted laboratory test results, including error calculations. Chapter 6, by far the largest in the book, relates to the Finite Difference (FD) modelling of seepage & transient flow problems. A few pages of algebra have been added on purpose to cater for intellectually inquisitive minds, in relation to the actual derivation of any type of FD formulae. These pages can be skipped should the reader be more interested in the actual use of the formulae. As per usual, detailed step by step implementation of different boundary conditions, and derivation then solution of the corresponding systems of simultaneous equations, are provided in the form of several worked examples. It is hoped that by going through these examples, readers who are least experienced in numerical modelling would acquire a sufficient level of understanding of the working of the FD method, in a short space of time. Chapter 4 (the second largest in size), relates to the graphical solutions to the same seepage problems, solved numerically in chapter 6. As such, the latter chapter contrasts both types of results for validation purposes. All remaing chapters have also been revised, and new material has been added where appropriate; the emphasis being on providing clearer explanations and a direct link to practice. In this respect, more numerical values of physical parameters most used in practice are included in different chapters. Furthermore, a paragraph stating the general context at the beginning, as well as a summary at the end have been added to each chapter. Finally, it is perhaps appropriate to remind the reader that this book is published concurrently with the 2nd edition of its sister publication Engineering Design in Geotechnics.

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About the Author :

Fethi Azizi has more than 30 years experience in geomechanics research and teaching, acquired at the Laboratoire Central des Ponts et Chaussees in Paris, the University of Manitoba in Canada, the Queen's Univerity of Belfast and the University of Plymouth. He is a Chartered Engineer, European Engineer, Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers, Chartered Mathematician and Fellow of the Institute of Mathematics & its Applications, London.

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