Better Than Gold: Investing in Historic Cars

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9780956864482: Better Than Gold: Investing in Historic Cars

Why is it that a multi billion pound market has never been documented, analysed and interpreted, despite the fact that it has existed for more than half a century?Better Than Gold addresses these questions by rigorously analysing this collectors' market, its trading patterns, players, market dynamics and by comparing its characteristics and performance to other collectors' and established asset classes.The book introduces the HAGI classic car indices, which measure this market accurately on a monthly basis using financial methodology. The four main sections of the book cover subjects such as market history and description, size, and value drivers. Using the indices, the author illustrates historic price developments of various market sections, including those of collectors' Ferrari and Porsche. It also offers fresh insight into some of the most interesting market phases, including an account of the classic car investment bubble of the late 1980s. With a remarkable level of detail, Dietrich Hatlapa elaborates on restoration of classic cars and the philosophy behind this vital activity and craft, which is essential in the value development of a car. Helped by this entirely new research, the book creates the foundation for an investment infrastructure in this asset class. With over 200 quality photographs of collectors' cars, price performance graphs and tables, the book interweaves market theories, index analysis, personal impressions and market data. Finally the book offers a large amount of price relevant information summarised in 14 appendices. It presents the facts in a structured way and is a useful guide for both the market novice and the experienced owner.Find out what drives this exciting market, seen by many as a reliable and entertaining area of non-conformist investing. Better Than Gold is a must read for anyone interested in the classic car sector.

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"Great Resource" Bloomberg Markets Magazine "Rare cars put investors in pole position" Financial Times "In forensic detail it examines why some cars appreciate more than others, and suggests how to minimise the risks involved in shelling out potentially huge sums." Octane Magazine "Dietrich Hatlapa achieves a breakthrough by exploring in unprecedented depth and detail the factors affecting the values of classic cars and the trends that have influenced those values over the last three decades." Karl Ludvigsen "breathtaking" Classic & Sports Car "a fascinating book and well worthy of consideration in the unsettled economic times we live in today" "Hatlapa's empirical research and conclusions are particularly compelling. I could not put the book down." Dr. Kelly Silverthorn, 'Just For Canadian Doctors'. "... il applique des methodes d'analyse rigoureuses de l'evolution des prix sur les trente dernieres annees, tout en presentant son indice "Hagi" de suivi du marche, mois par mois. De nombreux graphiques illustrent cette demarche qui permet d'interessantes extrapolations. Sans predire l'avenir, elles donnent au moins des tendances qui ont le merite de ne pas sortir d'un chapeau." Classic & Sportscar, France

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