The Old Time Radio Collection: Amos & Andy

9780971526907: The Old Time Radio Collection: Amos & Andy

Tune in to hear radio’s all-time favorite, Amos N’ Andy in 50 of their most hilarious episodes. Join the comedic team of Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll as they portray Amos Jones and Andrew H. Brown, two Harlem residents who owned the Fresh Air Taxi Company – so called because their taxicab had no windshield. Amos was the hard working cab driver & family man, while Andrew was the lazy womanizer. Their humorous exploits were enriched by an outragous cast of characters that including the conniving George "Kingfish" Stevens (Freemsn Gosden), his ever-loving wife Sapphire (Ernestine Wade) and the nagging mother-in-law "Mamma" (Amanda Randolph).

Now, with this amazing cassette collection you too can enjoy the hilarious episodes of Amos N’ Andy, one of the most popular radio series of all time.

Featuring these shows:

Andy’s New Wife · The Maestro · Courtroom Catastrophe · The Locked Trunk’s Secret · Matrimonial Mishap · Turkey Trouble · Man’s Best Friend · Candy for Caroline · Bookends and Babies · The Marriage Counselor · Charles Boyer’s Valet · Wind Fall · Missing Persons Bureau · Three Times and Your Out - plus many, many more!

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