Hanbo: The Aiki Way

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9780974560304: Hanbo: The Aiki Way

Master the art of the three-foot staff. "Hanbo: The Aiki Way" will show you how to use a stick or short staff against both armed and unarmed opponents. You will learn to use a variety of methods, including striking, throwing, and joint and pressure point manipulation, to disable an attacker or disarm a knife. A bonus section shows how an umbrella or cane can be used to perform the techniques in the book. This book is essential reading for any martial artist wanting to learn hanbo techniques or defensive stick fighting.

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About the Author :

JOHN C. GOSS JR. has been a martial arts practitioner for over 35 years. He holds the rank of Rokudan (6th degree black belt) and Shihan in Korindo Aikido. He is currently recognized as the highest ranking and only active Korindo Aikido instructor in the United States. Mr. Goss was introduced to the Hanbo-jutsu in 1968. He began his training in Hanbo-jutsu through Okinawan Karate’s Kobu-jutsu. In 1974 he was introduced to a different system of Hanbo through the weapons work of Korindo Aikido. In 1991 he received his teaching certification from Mr. Dennis Mikata Sensei of Korindo.

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