Tall, Green & Well-Connected: Trees in the Ecosystem

9780987512383: Tall, Green & Well-Connected: Trees in the Ecosystem

In Tall Green and Well Connected, author Joan Burton-Jones argues that to appreciate and value trees properly we must view them not just as species but as central players in the web of life we call the ecosystem. Drawing on information from world leading experts, she provides a comprehensive and highly readable account of the role of trees and their links and interdependencies with other life forms and the physical environment. Readers who enjoy exploring the natural world should find plenty to interest, surprise and entertain them on a wide range of topics, from how trees communicate above and below ground, to different forms of mimicry, the effects of ‘alien invasions,’ the roles of keystone species and ecological niches, the effects of deforestation and global warming, measuring ecosystem services, including clean air and water - and much more. Extensively documented, with over 200 colour plates and over 1000 references to videos, books, journals and online articles Tall Green and Well Connected provides a valuable and up to date reference source for students and others interested in trees, forestry , ecology and conservation The book is organized in three parts: Part I charts the evolution of trees and companion life forms from the earliest known tree species to the present, including their biology, how they cooperate and compete with other species and how they influence and are influenced by the environment. Part II ‘widens the circle’, providing vivid examples of ecological relationships, involving numerous different tree species with plants, animals and the physical environment in major biomes around the world, from the tropics to the sub-Arctic and from wetlands to deserts. Part III focuses on man’s relationship with trees, from farming and forestry to art, medicine and culture, including tools, writing, music and currency, and discusses how we can improve the way we use trees and value the services they provide for the benefit of future generations and the planet.

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About the Author :

Joan Burton-Jones has lived and worked in many countries. Born in Brisbane Australia, she spent her early years in Japan with her family. After completing her education in Australia she moved to UK where she continued her studies, including creative writing at Morley College London. Having developed a keen interest in oral story telling techniques she went on to amass a collection of oral stories from her travels in Europe. In 1969 she married British business consultant and writer Alan Burton-Jones. They spent several years working and traveling in the West Indies before returning to London. In the early 1980s they moved from London with their young family to Australia. There they purchased a small farm on the outskirts of Brisbane where they restored an historic home and created a garden in keeping with the period of their home. Joan developed a specialist horticultural business, propagating a wide range of Australian native and exotic plants, using seeds and cuttings from their extensive garden. These young plants were exported to nurseries around the world – some being used in 1994 as part of the award winning first Australian Garden at London’s famous Chelsea Flower Show. In recent years Joan has returned to writing and in 2009 she was awarded a grant by the State Government of Queensland, Australia, towards publication of her book ‘Queenslanders All Over’, written to mark Queensland’s sesquicentenary. The book, which was launched in State Parliament by then Premier of Queensland, Anna Bligh has a foreword by the Australian Prime Minister of the time, Kevin Rudd. A passionate conservationist and book artist, Joan’s current research and writings focus on interactions between plants and other species around the world and how an ‘ecosystem perspective’ can help us to better understand and value the roles of different species in sustaining the natural world on which we all depend.

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