Farmer's Market Sonnets 2012-2013

9780988702141: Farmer's Market Sonnets 2012-2013
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A collection of sonnets written between October 14, 2012 and October 13, 2013 for shoppers at Bay Area farmers' markets. Each sonnet was written on the spot for customers as they shopped at the farmers' markets, based on a custom theme of their choosing. Next to each sonnet is a short story of its genesis and the theme that brought it into being. Sample Sonnets: Sonnet No sonnet ever kept a love alive, No words have saved a truth from wearing thin, And yet the poets now and ever strive To hold a moment as its held within. The seasons move, and so do shaken souls That quiver on a branch of ending life. The pain and chill awaken through their holes A light that lends a beauty to our strife. And thus before we fall, the more we fade The more we see beyond a blocking vein, What we unmake in life by death is made To live again, untouched by chill or pain. So I unmake my life in making lines And leave what's still unlit to future minds. Between Us We cannot hide from who or what we are; The bright desire that set the stars to spinning Beats still in our chests, speaking from afar Of why we're here, of what is still beginning. We move the spiral onwards when we give This sweet gift, that which also fills us up Like words fill up a page—the sound can't live Without the space, the tone without the lip, The soul without the form—these thoughts are love Observing love unfolding. We are words Spoken in night's deep vowels, the blank cove Where footsteps press and fade, the edge that blurs: The point where two are one, and all as well, The space between the hand, the sound, the bell.

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David Griswold is a sonneteer and current resident of Oakland, California. In addition to writing sonnets at the farmers' markets, he also offers custom sonnets online at

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