Heteromorph: The Rarest Fossil Ammonites: Nature at its Most Bizarre

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9780992974008: Heteromorph: The Rarest Fossil Ammonites: Nature at its Most Bizarre

Ammonites dominated the sea before and during the time dinosaurs dominated the land. Some ammonites were large predators not unlike today's giant squid; others small and delicate. Three times during their reign of more than 300 million years ammonites experimented with the most bizarre and startling shell shapes. Now, new technology is revealing the full beauty of these 'heteromorph' ammonites and they have become some of the most desirable and passionately collected natural objects. This is their story - and how they are becoming a vibrant part of 21st century lifestyles, art and design. This book is a must for anyone interested in the wonders of the natural world, and their impact on our culture.

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About the Author :

Wolfgang Grulke is an author and businessman with an unbridled passion for the natural world. He is regarded as one of the word's top futurists, speakers and writers on this subject. One of his books '10 Lessons from the Future' continues to be a strategic thinking staple after more than a decade. Recently he has also applied his sense of wonder to the distant past, especially our fossil history. He has created a renowned collection (now featured in his book 'Heteromorph: Nature at its most bizarre' on which Sir David Attenborough remarked 'I am, truly, lost for words' - perhaps ironic for someone who is widely regarded to have seen everything in nature. Wolfgang communicates about the future and past with equal passion and insight. He lives with his wife Terri and two dogs in the English countryside.

Review :

"I am stunned. What a magnificent book. A great work of art." Peter Ward, Professor of Earth and Space Sciences, The University of Washington, Seattle "Once in several years a book arrives in my library that becomes a companion throughout life. This is an incomparable journey through shapes, spirals and sculptures as never imagined possible its where art and nature meet. The book is beautiful, diverse and surprising. When one arrives at the end, one wants to start again at the beginning." Guido Poppe, world-renowned conchologist, who has built many famous collections, and prolific author "Beautiful, Fascinating, Outstanding! A must for all who love the bizarre, the beautiful and the best!" --Neal L. Larson, President, Association of Applied Paleontological Sciences and Owner, Larson Paleontology Unlimited "For centuries heteromorphs have been dismissed as one of nature's aberrations. This book positions them as a source of dreams and inspiration." Luc Ebbo One of the world s top fossil preparators, researcher and teacher "This authoritative and surprisingly beautiful book shows that nothing, absolutely nothing in nature, can be compared with the long, successful and extraordinary development of heteromorphy in ammonites." S. Peter Dance, acclaimed author of A history of shell collecting and other works on natural history. "Essential book on the most exotic ammonites. Made for fossil lovers." Jose Juarez Ruiz, violinist and researcher in Lower Cretaceous ammonites of Mallorca island. Recommended and endorsed by The Geological Society of London.

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