The Journey of the Little Souls (Kids' Questions About Life) (Volume 1)

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9780996841627: The Journey of the Little Souls (Kids' Questions About Life) (Volume 1)

Scientist and author Agnes Deglon tackles the big questions in The Journey of the Little Souls, the first installment of her series, Kids' Questions about Life. An educational book written in simple language for kids who are pondering the often unanswerable issues of life.

Attempting to explain the meaning of life, souls, birth, death and the universal soul is a complex task at best. But Deglon tackles the topics with the deftness of someone who truly understands the many facets it takes to grapple with heady subject matter.

From the comforting universal soul perspective of humanity, to a description of the diaphanous concept that is made tangible and easily understandable through a family of bears known as the Teddys, each idea is presented clearly and compassionately.

As the Teddy kids ask questions about life, the mommy and daddy bears seek to answer their little ones with honesty and a hopeful positivity about the universe. With the idea that we are all connected to one another, like many stars in a galaxy, the understanding of good and bad, birth and death, and even dreams helps translate concepts to something concrete.

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About the Author :

Agnes Deglon holds degrees in subjects ranging from translation to biochemistry. Not just satisfied with the scientific approach to life, the author seeks to further explain the universe.

Through her studies in the Eastern approach to medicine and the mind, body, soul connection, Deglon has rounded out her understanding and approach to that which is not taught in schools but is required for a healthy, happy life.

This endeavor became even more important to her after her first child started questioning the universe and asked the question that many parents fear: "What’s a soul?"

With a loving approach and scientific structure, Deglon is writing a trilogy of critical books. Her new series, Kids' Questions about Life, begins with The Journey of the Little Souls. It is a crucial guide to the mind, body and soul as explained in children’s own language.

Review :

In a confusing world with many questions, The Journey of the Little Souls explains life's greatest mysteries to kids with sensitivity and intelligence.

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