Gulzar; Or, the Rose-Bower: A Tale of Persia

9781153248525: Gulzar; Or, the Rose-Bower: A Tale of Persia
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Towards the close of the reign of the celebrated A qM ohammed, Shah of Persia, an aged Dervise presented himself at the gate of the harem of the King, at Tehei-an, and requested to be admitted to the presence of the incomparable Princess Gulzau, favorite daughter of theS hah, who was then pining away on a bed of sickness, baffling the skill of the most learned Physicians of the Kingdom. In vain had the most infallible medicines, the most precious gums, and the most delicious perfumes been mixed and mingled for the Princess srecovery in vain had the prayers of the most sacred I mans and Mollahs ascended before the altar of the Prophet: the sear and yellow leaf of Autumn had fallen from the tree, the snows and storms of Winter had swept around the bower of the bulbul, and the bloom had long since fled from the rose. But the leaf fell not from the tree unheeded, nor did the bloom pass away from the rose: with the departure of the rose the light of her eye faded, and with the fall of the leaf the hopes of the Princess passed away.
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