Artemis to Actaeon, and Other Verses

9781153749060: Artemis to Actaeon, and Other Verses

Excerpt: ... obey,   Seeing the routed phantoms backward roll;   But from their waning throng a whisper stole,   And touched the morning splendour with decay.   "Sad Immortality is dead; and we   The funeral train that bear her to her grave.   Yet hath she left a two-faced progeny   In hearts of men, and some will always see   The skull beneath the wreath, yet always crave   In every kiss the folded kiss to be." V   Yet for one rounded moment I will be   No more to you than what my lips may give,   And in the circle of your kisses live   As in some island of a storm-blown sea,   Where the cold surges of infinity   Upon the outward reefs unheeded grieve,   And the loud murmur of our blood shall weave   Primeval silences round you and me.   If in that moment we are all we are   We live enough. Let this for all requite.   Do I not know, some winged things from far   Are borne along illimitable night   To dance their lives out in a single flight   Between the moonrise and the setting star? VI   The Moment came, with sacramental cup   Lifted-and all the vault of life grew bright   With tides of incommensurable light-   But tremblingly I turned and covered up   My face before the wonder. Down the slope   I heard her feet in irretrievable flight,   And when I looked again, my stricken sight   Saw night and rain in a dead world agrope.   Now walks her ghost beside me, whispering   With lips derisive: "Thou that wouldst forego-   What god assured thee that the cup I bring   Globes not in every drop the cosmic show,   All that the insatiate heart of man can wring   From life's long vintage?-Now thou shalt not know." VII   Shall I not know? I, that could always catch   The sunrise in one beam along the wall,   The nests of June in April's mating call,   And ruinous autumn in the wind's first snatch   At summer's green impenetrable thatch-   That always knew far off the secret...

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