The Complete Poetical Works of Thomas Hood

9781161488340: The Complete Poetical Works of Thomas Hood
Présentation de l'éditeur :

In this volume is given a fuller collection of the poetical writings of Thomas Hood than has hitherto been published ;many as have been the editions they have varied in the way in which pieces have been overlooked or omitted from considerations of space or carelessness. Besides bringing together all that is available from earlier collections, the Editor has recovered from the periodicals for which Hood wrote a few poems which have hitherto escaped notice; in such cases, however, he has only taken pieces that vrere indubitably Hood sresisting the temptation to swell llieir numbers by others for which the only evidence for ascription is internal. In addition he has had the good fortune to obtain half a dozen new poems from manuscript one of these, it is true, had been given before, but only in an incomplete form. p Afew words should be said about the arrangement of the poems in this edition, an arrangement which has been the result of careful cone ideration consequent upon the inconsistencies met with in other co Ueci tions. It has for sixty years been the custom to divide Hood spoetical Jwritings into comic and serious ,or into serious poems and poems :i of wit and humour This was done in Moxon seditions shortly after Hood sdeath, it was done by Samuel Lucas twenty years later, and the 7arbitrary differentiation, was maintained by Canon A inger in the two J2 volumes of selections which he issued in the Eversley Series in 1897. That it is an arbitrary form of classification may be seen by comparing some of those earlier editions, in which we find that one editor includes poems in the serious section which another allots to the comic ,and vice versa. Lucas, to cite but one example, puts Miss Kilmansegg in the latter, while A inger puts it in the former. Certain of Hood spoems are definitely comic and others are definitely serious in both thought and treatment,
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