Hidden Treasures: Or Why Some Succeed While Others Fail (1888) or Why Some Succeed While Others Fail (1888)

9781163990858: Hidden Treasures: Or Why Some Succeed While Others Fail (1888) or Why Some Succeed While Others Fail (1888)
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This is a recognized fact, jet history tells us that seven-tenths of our most successful men began life poor. As our title indicates, we shall endeavor to show why some men succeed while others fail. Knowing that everybody desires succes Syand recognizing the old adage: Example is the best of teachers we have selected representative characters from the multitude of successful men who have climbed the ladder of success, beginning at the bottom round. These we have followed from childhood to manhood, dwelling at length on the traits of character that have made them so rich and successful, believing that a careful study will convince all that the proverbial luck had little to do with it. On the contrary, one is taught those lessons of self-helpfulness and self-reliance which are so essential to success in lifes struggles. It is fearful to think how many of our young people are drifting without an aim in life, who do not comprehend that they owe mankind their best efforts. We sre all fiimilliar with the parable of the slothful servant who buried his talent, all may profit by his example. To those who would succeed we respectfully present this volume.
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