The Flora of the Presidency of Bombay; Compositae to Gramineae

9781231136683: The Flora of the Presidency of Bombay; Compositae to Gramineae

This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1908 Excerpt: ...See Watt, Dict. Econ. Prod. 1. c.--Distrib. Cultivated in India, Ceylon, and the tropics generally. 3. Piper Hookeri, Miq. in Hooh. Lond. Journ. Bot. v. 4 (1845) p. 437. A climbing shrub; branches stout, subterete; branchlets hairy. Leaves equal-sided, 2-4 by lj-2 in., brown when dry, ovate or oblong-lanceolate, obtusely acuminate, thinly coriaceous, glabrous above, hairy beneath, 5-7-nerved from a subcordate equal or léss commonly oblique base, or with 2 of the nerves slightly supra-basal and opposite; pétioles in. long, hairy or tomentose. Flowers in slender spikes, the maie spikes 3-6 in. long; bracts of maie flowers orbicular, sometimes adnate below and shortly decurrent. Stamens 2. Stigmas 3-4, grey-tomentose, reflexed. Fruit globose. Fl. B. I. v. 5, p. 88; Dalz. & Gibs. p. 315 (by error 115); Talb. Trees, Bomb. ed.2, p. 278; Woodr. in Journ. Bomb. Nat. v. 12 (1899) p. 306.--Flowers: Apr.-Sept. Koskan: Matberan, C'ooíe'. Deccan: Mahableshwar, Cojí-el, Dahell $ Gibson, Law on the Gháts from Bombay southwards to Kanara, Talbot.--Distrib. India (W. Peninsula). 4. Piper subpeltatum, Wtlld. Sp. PI. v. 1 (1797) p. 166. A large perennial erect herb 3-5 ft. high; stem thick, jointed, warted, but glabrous, branched. Leaves very large, 8-12 in. in diam., orbicular, shortly acuminate, entire or nearly so, glabrous except on the nerves beneath, closely gland-dotted, base deeply cordate with a narrow sinus, palmately nerved; pétioles 4-8 in. long, striate, amplexicaul at the base. Flowers hermaphrodite, minute, very numerous and closely packed; spikes subumbellate, 3-7 together, 3-5 in. long, very shortly pedicellate; bracts small, stalked, succulent, with a thickened triangular glabrous tip. Stamens 2. Stigmas 3. Fruit minute, tri...

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