Le Mariage de Gérard (French Edition)

9781235105951: Le Mariage de Gérard (French Edition)

Ce livre historique peut avoir de nombreuses fautes de frappe, le texte manquant, des images ou des index. Les acheteurs peuvent télécharger une copie gratuite scannée du livre original (sans fautes de frappe) de l'éditeur. 1903. Non illustré. Extrait: ... NOTES Page. Line. 7. 1. Berceuses = qui bercent. Soothing. 8. 'Couvre-feu. The curfew was originally the signal to cover over the fires and retire for the night, a custom said to have originated in England under William . the Conqueror (11th century) as a police measure, but found to have existed there before his time. This mediaeval usage of tolling the curfew bell has descended to present times in a number of small towns and villages of France, as in Brittany and Lorraine. But the stern paternalism of the original purpose has long been lost. In some cases it is the signal -- given usually by the church-bell at nine o'clock (winter) or ten (summer)-- for the closing of the public drinking places; elsewhere, it is a time honored reminder to the bon bourgeois-- and others -- who happen to be away from their firesides and bedsides that it is high time to repair thereto. This picturesque usage was much" more prevalent before the Revolution. (1789) than now. Various considerations, often of economy in the local budget, tend to suppress the custom as useless in the places where it is still observed. 8. Juvigny-en-Barrois. The editor is not acquainted with any place of this name and deems it fictitious. But the circumstantial evidence of site and appearance causes him to believe it is a fanciful name of the author's to disguise Bar-le-Duc as the scene of our story. The latter is an old and important 237 Page. Line. provincial town of France, of some 20,000 inhabitants, situated in N. E. France on the river Ornain. This is a tributary of the upper Marne -- which in turn is a tributary of the Seine--leaving the Marne near Vitry-le-François and winding its way eastward through Lorraine amid a hilly country. The to...

Les informations fournies dans la section « Synopsis » peuvent faire référence à une autre édition de ce titre.

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