Camille Flammarion Lumen

ISBN 13 : 9781235261725

9781235261725: Lumen

This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1897 Excerpt: aspect of nature is not sufficiently clear for me to understand it. Would you... Lumen. This aspect is indeed new to you, but attentive reflection will enable you to grasp it. Sound is formed by vibrations in the air which strike upon the membrane of the tympanum and give you the impression of various tones. Man does not hear all sounds. When the vibrations are too slow (below forty a second), the sound is too low; The extent yoiir ear cannot catch it. When the vibra-revteathms tions are too rapid (above 36,000 a second), of soundthe sound is too sharp; your ear cannot receive it. Above and below these two limits, therefore, human beings do not perceive them. These vibrations exist, however, and are perceived by creatures of other kinds, as, for example, certain insects. The same rules apply to light. The different aspects of light, the shades and colours of objects, are equally due to the vibrations which strike upon the optic nerve and give you the impression of the different degrees of intensity in light. Man does not by any means see all that is visible. When the vibrations are too slow (under 458 billions a second), light is too feeble; your eye sees nothing. When the vibrations are too rapid (over 727 billions a The extent second), light outruns your organic faculty of t'0nseoflbla perception and is invisible to you. Above and llght below these two limits the vibrations of ether still exist, and are perceived by other beings. You do not know therefore, nor can you receive, any impressions except those that can be made to vibrate upon the two chords of your organic lyre, called respectively the optic nerve and the auditory nerve. Imagine for one instant the extent of all the sights and sounds which are not perceptible to you. All the undulatory mov...

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About the Author :

French astronomer and psychic, Camille Flammarion (1842- 1925) has written more than fifty books, including popular science works about astronomuy, several remarcable early science fiction novel, and several works about spiritism and related topics.

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