Rare Diseases: Diagnosis, Therapies and Hope

9781320155298: Rare Diseases: Diagnosis, Therapies and Hope

This book gives readers a firsthand look at the impact genome sequencing and other advanced techniques are having on rare diseases. It is unique in that it goes beyond the clinical side of the topic and includes very personal stories told by the families living with rare diseases. "These rare diseases are collectively so common, affecting over 300 million globally," says co-author Jimmy Lin, MD, PhD, MHS. The key to assembling such a comprehensive resource was a year long process to examine the topic from all sides. The book brings together interviews with families that are currently battling rare diseases along with leading experts. The results of all this hard work is a valuable resource that will educate and inspire hope. "We are part of a growing movement to raise global awareness of rare diseases, and we are so pleased to be able to offer one of the early books for families living with rare diseases," said the book's co-author Ana Sanfilippo. The book includes expert interviews and remarkable stories from families like: - Amylynne Volker, whose son was the first child saved through DNA sequencing - Dallas police officer Mark Dant who raised over $3 million for research that saved his son Ryan's life - John Crowley, who saved his own children's lives through creating a new company to develop a new drug, which is now the standard of care - Retta Beery, whose twins, Noah and Alexis, are alive due to her own exhaustive medical research and genomics. Please note that there is no markup on the book.

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