The Missing (Widescreen Special Edition)

ISBN 13 : 9781404945623

The Missing (Widescreen Special Edition)

9781404945623: The Missing (Widescreen Special Edition)

The Oscar(r)-winning team of Ron Howard and Brian Grazer (2001, A Beautiful Mind, Best Director, BestPicture) present a riveting, spine-tingling thriller destined to become a classic! Academy Award(r)-nominee Cate Blanchett (1998, Elizabeth, Best Actress in a Leading Role) is Maggie, a young plainswoman raising her daughters in the desolate wilderness of New Mexico. When daughter Lily (Evan RachelWood, Thirteen) is snatched by a dark-hooded phantom with shape-shifting powers, Maggie's long-estranged father Oscar(r)-winner Tommy Lee Jones (1993, The Fugitive, Best Actor in a Supporting Role) appears suddenly, offering help. Though stunned by his return, Maggie knows she must swallow both hurtand pride if she is ever to see Lily again. Unaware of the frightening events that lurk in the distance, father and daughter set out to track down the fiend that took Lily. But lying in wait is horror so unspeakable it will change them forever!

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Additional Features :

Most deleted scenes were deleted because they're a waste of time. The Missing's deleted scenes, however, suggest a far more intriguing movie than the one that got released in theaters; almost all of them hint at a less bland visual impulse, or surprising quirks to the characters' personalities. Perhaps because The Missing skips the usual director's commentary, this second disc supplements an hour's worth of making-of featurettes with almost 20 minutes of additional interviews with director Ron Howard. More impishly, Howard includes three super-8 movies he shot as a teenager, all Westerns featuring his friends and family, which will delight his fans. In addition to the various goofy outtakes (in which Cate Blanchett curses adorably as her rifle misfires), the DVD includes three different versions of the movie's ending, which offer an educational glimpse into the decision-making process that shapes a movie's emotional impact. --Bret Fetzer

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